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Eb Chords

Piano chords including root note Eb with pictures and Breakdown.
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Eb Chords: Breakdown

Eb Major chord (Eb-G-Bb)

Eb minor chord (Eb-Gb-Bb)

Eb diminished chord (Eb-Gb-Bbb)

Eb augmented chord (Eb-G-B)

Eb6 chord (Eb-G-Bb-C)

Eb7 chord (Eb-G-Bb-Db)

Ebmaj7 chord (Eb-G-Bb-D)

Ebm7 chord (Eb-Gb-Bb-Db)

Ebm6 chord (Eb-Gb-Bb-C)

Eb9 chord (Eb-G-Bb-Db-F)

Ebadd9 chord (Eb-G-Bb-F)

Ebm9 chord (Eb-Gb-Bb-Db-F)

Ebaug7 chord (Eb-G-B-D#)

Ebsus2 chord (Eb-F-Bb)

Ebsus4 chord (Eb-Ab-Bb)

Ebmaj9 chord (Eb-G-Bb-D-F)

Ebm11 chord (Eb-Gb-Bb-Db-F-Ab)

Eb13 chord (Eb-G-Bb-Db-F-Ab-C)

Ebmaj13 chord (Eb-G-Bb-D-F-A-C)

Eb7sus4 chord (Eb-Ab-Bb-Db)

Eb7b5 chord (Eb-G-Bb-D)

Ebmaj7#5 chord (Eb-G-B-D#)

Ebm7b5 chord (Eb-Gb-Bb-Db)

Ebmaj11 chord (Eb-G-Bb-D-F-Ab)

Ebmaj7b5 chord (Eb-G-B-Db)