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F Chords

Piano chords including root note F with pictures and Breakdown.
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F Chords: Breakdown

F Major (F-A-C)

F Minor (F-Ab-C)

F Augmented (F-A-C#)

F Diminished (F-Ab-B)

F Suspended 2 (F-G-C)

F Suspended 4 (F-Bb-C)

F6 (F-A-C-D)

F7 (F-A-C-Eb)

F9 (F-A-C-Eb-G)

F11 (F-A-C-Eb-G-Bb)

F13 (F-A-C-Eb-G-Bb-D)

F Major 7 (F-A-C-E)

F Major 9 (F-A-C-E-G)

F Major 11 (F-A-C-E-G-Bb)

F Major 13 (F-A-C-E-G-Bb-D)

F Minor 6 (F-Ab-C-D)

F Minor 7 (F-Ab-C-Eb)

F Minor 9 (F-Ab-C-Eb-G)

F Minor 11 (F-Ab-C-Eb-G-Bb)

F Minor 13 (F-Ab-C-Eb-G-Bb-D)

F Dominant 7#9 (F-A-C-Eb-G#)

F Dominant 7b9 (F-A-C-Eb-Gb)

F Half Diminished 7 (F-Ab-Bb-Db)

F Diminished 7 (F-Ab-Bbb-Dbb)

F Augmented 7 (F-A-C#-E)